Event Overview

Solvation, non-uniform polarizability, and local field effects in solids, liquids, life, and devices

Brainstorming Session

Speaker: See Program
Date & Time: April 11-14, 2016
Location: Room 311 - Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, Point Grey Campus, University of British Columbia
Local Contact: George Sawatzky
Intended Audience: Graduate

Solvation is at the heart of life and electro-chemistry, non-uniform polarizability is central to photonic devices, local field corrections determine short range interactions even in insulators. These are all related problems central to some of the most important issues in basic science and applications. This meeting will discuss how to tackle these issues in the various fields such as ions in polar liquids in biological systems, battery operations, short range interactions in solids with non-uniformly polarizable ions, ion-ion and ion surface interactions in polar liquids, structure of polar liquids, interactions in low dimensional solids, electromagnetic waves in photonic devices and metamaterials.

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