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Rob Kiefl Awarded Prestigious 2017 Yamazaki Prize

Posted: September 12, 2017

Congratulations to Professor Rob Kiefl, who has been awarded the 2017 Yamazaki Prize by the International Society for mSR Spectroscopy (ISMS).

Rob received the prize for his development and use of μSR and also beta-detected nuclear magnetic resonance (b-NMR) in the area of condensed matter physics. His contributions to the field have had a significant impact on a wide range of topics, including muonium in semiconductors; exotic superconductors and magnets; and, most recently, developments in b-NMR for use in studying electronic and magnetic properties of thin films and interfaces.

In addition to his work at SBQMI and UBC, he is an affiliate Scientist at TRIUMF. Click here to read an interview with Rob about his work at TRIUMF that lead to winning this prize.

About the Yamazaki Prize

The prize is awarded every three years for outstanding and sustained work in µSR (muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance) science with long-term impact on scientific and/or technical µSR applications. Prof. T. Yamazaki, for whom the prize is named, is one of Japan’s most distinguished nuclear scientists and pioneered the field of muon spin resonance/rotation/relaxation.


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