Microwave conductivity and superfluid density in strongly overdoped Tl2Ba2CuO6+delta
> Published 12 December 2013
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Quantifying Many-Body Effects by High-Resolution Fourier Transform Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
> Published 9 December 2013
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Interaction effects in Aharonov-Bohm-Kondo rings
> Published 4 December 2013
Komijani, Y; Yoshii, R; Affleck, I.
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High precision measurement of the Li-11 and Li-9 quadrupole moment ratio using zero-field beta-NQR
> Published 3 December 2013
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Polarity-Driven Surgace Metallicity in SmB6
> Published 19 November 2013
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Self-Organized Topological State with Majorana Fermions
> Published 12 November 2013
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Low-temperature evolution of the spectral weight of a spin-up carrier moving in a ferromagnetic background
> Published 7 November 2013
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Finite-size effects in the nuclear magnetic resonance of epitaxial palladium thin films
> Published 28 October 2013
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Universal inhomogeneous magnetic-field response in the normal state of cuprate high-T-c superconductors
> Published 14 October 2013
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Binding carriers to a nonmagnetic impurity in a two-dimensional square Ising antiferromagnet
> Published 12 September 2013
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Effect of dispersive optical phonons on the behavior of a Holstein polaron
> Published 30 August 2013
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New collective mode in YBa2Cu3O6+x observed by time-domain reflectometry
> Published 26 August 2013
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Distribution of local relaxation events in an aging three-dimensional glass: Spatiotemporal correlation and dynamical heterogeneity
> Published 26 August 2013
Smessaert A and Rottler, J
Phys. Rev. E. 88, 022314 (2013)

Inelastic x-ray study of phonon broadening and charge-density wave formation in ortho-II-ordered YBa2Cu3O6.54
> Published 19 August 2013
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Role of Oxygen Holes in LixCoO2 Revealed by Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy
> Published 2 August 2013
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Electronic superlattice revealed by resonant scattering from random impurities in Sr3Ru2O7
> Published 1 August 2013
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Phonon-assisted carrier motion on the Wannier-Stark ladder
> Published 25 July 2013
Cheung, AKC and Berciu, M
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Hidden Quasiparticles and Incoherent Photoemission Spectra in Na2IrO3
> Published 19 July 2013
F. Trousselet, M. Berciu, Andrzej M. Oles and P. Horsch
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Electromagnetic Response of Weyl Semimetals
> Published 9 July 2013
M.M. Vazifeh and M. Franz
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 027201 (2013)

Emergence of charge order from the vortex state of a high-temperature superconductor
> Published 3 July 2013
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Nat. Commun. 4 (2013) 2113

Dispersive spin excitations in highly overdoped cuprates revealed by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
> Published 2 July 2013
Le Tacon, M; Minola, M; Peets, DC; Sala, MM; Blanco-Canosa, S; Hinkov, V; Liang, R; Bonn, DA; Hardy, WN; Lin, CT; Schmitt, T; Braicovich, L; Ghiringhelli, G; Keimer, B
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Surface-enhanced charge-density-wave instability in underdoped Bi2201
> Published 1 July 2013
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Topological superconductor-Luttinger liquid junctions
> Published 20 June 2013
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Going beyond the linear approximation in describing electron-phonon coupling: Relevance for the Holstein model
> Published 7 June 2013
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Investigating Polaron Transitions with Polar Molecules
> Published 29 May 2013
Herrera, F; Madison, KW; Krems, RV; Berciu, M
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Microwave spectroscopy of vortex dynamics in ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.52
> Published 28 May 2013
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Layer-By-Layer Entangled Spin-Orbital Texture of the Topological Surface State in Bi2Se3
> Published 21 May 2013
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Accessing quantum nanoplasmonics in a hybrid quantum dot-metal nanosystem: Mollow triplet of a quantum dot near a metal nanoparticle
> Published 20 May 2013
Ge, RC; Van Vlack, C; Yao, P; Young, JF; Hughes, S
Phys. Rev. B. 87, 205425 (2013)

Variational approach for calculating Auger electron spectra: Going beyond the impurity approximation
> Published 29 April 2013
Mukherjee, A;Sawatzky, GA and Berciu, M
Phys. Rev. B. 87, 165136 (2013)

Observation of charge accumulation and onsite Coulomb repulsion at transition metal impurities in the iron pnictides
> Published 24 April 2013
Kraus, R;Bisogni V; Harnagea, L; Aswartham, S; Wurmehl, S; Levy, G; Elfimov, IS;Büchner, B; Sawatzky, GA and Geck, J
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Defect-Mediated Spin Relaxation and Dephasing in Graphene
> Published 11 April 2013
Lundeberg, MB; Yang, R; Renard, J and Folk, JA
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 156601 (2013)

Photonic crystal slot-microcavity circuit implemented in silicon-on-insulator: High Q operation in solvent without undercutting
> Published 5 April 2013
Mirsadeghi, SH; Schelew, E. and Young, JF
Appl. Phys. 102, 131115 (2013)

X-Ray Diffraction Observations of a Charge-Density-Wave Order in Superconducting Ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.54 Single Crystals in Zero Magnetic Field
> Published 28 March 2013
E. Blackburn, J. Chang, M. Hücker, A. T. Holmes, N. B. Christensen, R.X. Liang, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, U. Rütt, O. Gutowski, M. v. Zimmermann, E. M. Forgan, and S. M. Hayden
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 137004 (2013)

Impact of Mn-O-O-Mn superexchange pathways in a honeycomb lattice Mn oxide with small charge-transfer energy
> Published 14 March 2013
Wadati, H; Kato, K; Wakisaka, Y; Sudayama, T; Hawthorn, DG; Regier, TZ; Onishi, N; Azuma, M; Shimakawa, Y; Mizokawa, T; Tanaka, A; Sawatzky, GA
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Competition between the Pseudogap and Superconducting States of Y-Bi2212 Single Crystals Revealed by Ultrafast Broadband Optical Reflectivity
> Published 6 March 2013
G. Coslovich, C. Giannetti, F. Cilento, S. Dal Conte, T. Abebaw, D. Bossini, G. Ferrini, H. Eisaki, M. Greven, A. Damascelli, and F. Parmigiani
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 107003 (2013)

Majorana’s wires
> Published 5 March 2013
M. Franz
Nat. Nanotechol. 8, pp.149-152 (2013)

Determining the Surface-To-Bulk Progression in the Normal-State Electronic Structure of Sr2RuO4 by Angle-Resolved Photoemission and Density Functional Theory
> Published 1 March 2013
C. N. Veenstra, Z.-H. Zhu, B. Ludbrook, M. Capsoni, G. Levy, A. Nicolaou, J. A. Rosen, R. Comin, S. Kittaka, Y. Maeno, I. S. Elfimov, and A. Damascelli
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Solvation effects on like-charge attraction
> Published 28 February 2013
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Mathematical modeling of the effect of surface roughness on magnetic field profiles in type II superconductors
> Published 27 February 2013
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The Josephson current through a long quantum wire
> Published 18 February 2013
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Characterization of Integrated Planar Photonic Crystal Circuits Fabricated by a CMOS Foundry
> Published 15 January 2013
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Quench, Equilibration, and Subaging in Structural Glasses
> Published 7 January 2013
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Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 025501 (2013)


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