Structural relaxation in glassy polymers predicted by soft modes: a quantitative analysis
> Published 14 November 2014
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Effect of disorder on the conductance of (non-) topological SN junctions
> Published November 2014
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Effect of Pt substitution on the electronic structure of AuTe2
> Published 27 October 2014
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Harnessing chirality for valleytronics
> Published 24 October 2014
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Low-temperature illumination and annealing of ultrahigh quality quantum wells
> Published 23 September 2014
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Controlling the near-surface superfluid density in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x by photo-illumination
> Published 3 September 2014
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Detecting a quantum critical point in topological SN junctions
> Published 3 September 2014
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Exactly conserved quasilocal operators for the XXZ spin chain
> Published September 2014
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Ultrasensitive Diagnostic Analysis of Au Nanoparticles Optically Trapped in Silicon Photonic Circuits at Sub-Milliwatt Powers
> Published September 2014
Mirsadeghi, SH; Young, JF
Nano Lett. 14: DOI: 10.1021/nl501424d (2014)

Strongly bound yet light bipolarons for double-well electron-phonon coupling
> Published 28 August 2014
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Local environment effects on a charge carrier injected into an Ising chain
> Published 26 August 2014
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Competing charge, spin, and superconducting orders in underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy
> Published 21 August 2014
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Self-organized topological state in a magnetic chain on the surface of a superconductor
> Published 18 August 2014
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Bond order and the role of ligand states in stripe-modulated IrTe2
> Published 7 August 2014
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Understanding Plastic Deformation in Thermal Glasses from Single-Soft-Spot Dynamics
> Published 28 July 2014
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dc Josephson current in a long multichannel quantum wire
> Published 25 July 2014
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An optical twist for triplet superconductors
> Published 11 July 2014
van der Marel, D; Sawatzky, GA
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Normal-state nodal electronic structure in underdoped high-T-c copper oxides
> Published 3 July 2014
Sebastian, SE; Harrison, N; Balakirev, FF; Altarawneh, MM; Goddard, PA; Liang, RX; Bonn, DA; Hardy, WN; Lonzarich, GG
Nature 511: DOI: 10.1038/nature13326 (2014)

Atomic scale real-space mapping of holes in YBa2Cu3O6+delta
> Published July 2014
Gauquelin, N; Hawthorn, DG; Sawatzky, GA; Liang, RX; Bonn, DA ; Hardy, WN; Botton, GA
Nat. Commun. 5 (2014) 4275

Photo-enhanced antinodal conductivity in the pseudogap state of high-T-c cuprates
> Published July 2014
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Phase field crystal modeling as a unified atomistic approach to defect dynamics
> Published 30 June 2014
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Spectrum of a lattice exciton in a transverse magnetic field: emergence of full translational symmetry
> Published 23 June 2014
M. Berciu
Phys. Rev. B. 89: 245128 (2014)

Observation of distinct bulk and surface chemical environments in a topological insulator under magnetic doping
> Published 12 June 2014
Vobornik, I; Panaccione, G; Fujii, J; Zhu, ZH; Offi, F; Salles, BR; Borgatti, F; Torelli, P; Rueff, JP; Ceolin, D; Artioli, A; Levy, G; Marangolo, M; Eddrief, M; Krizmancic, D; Ji, H; Damascelli, A; van der Laan, G; Egdell, RG & RJ Cava
J. Phys. Chem., 118 DOI: 10.1021/jp502729u (2014)

beta-NMR Measurements of Lithium Ion Transport in Thin Films of Pure and Lithium-Salt-Doped Poly(ethylene oxide)
> Published 4 June 2014
McKenzie, I; Harada, M; Kiefl, RF; Levy, CDP; MacFarlane, WA; Morris, GD; Ogata, SI; Pearson, MR; Sugiyama, J
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136 DOI:10.1021/ja503066a

Quasiparticle spectroscopy as a probe of the topological phase in graphene with heavy adatoms
> Published 27 May 2014
Soule, P; Franz, M
Phys. Rev. B. 89: 201410 (2014)

Time-dependent elastic response to a local shear transformation in amorphous solids
> Published 14 April 2014
Puosi F; Rottler J; Barrat J-L
Phys. Rev. E. 89: 042302 (2014)

Predicting plasticity with soft vibrational modes: From dislocations to glasses
> Published 14 April 2014
Rottler, J; Schoenholz, S and A. Liu
Phys. Rev. E. 89: 042304 (2014)

Sign inversion in the superconducting order parameter of LiFeAs inferred from Bogoliubov quasiparticle interference
> Published 31 March 2014
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Origins of Nonlocality Near the Neutrality Point in Graphene
> Published 18 March 2014
Renard, J; Studer, M; Folk, JA
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112: 116601 (2014)

Spin-Orbital Entanglement and the Breakdown of Singlets and Triplets in Sr2RuO4 Revealed by Spin- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
> Published 26 March 2014
Veenstra, CN; Zhu, ZH; Raichle, M; Ludbrook, BM; Nicolaou, A ; Slomski, B; Landolt, G; Kittaka, S; Maeno, Y; Dil, JH; Elfimov, IS; Haverkort, MW; Damascelli, A
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112: 127002(2014)

Charge disproportionation without charge transfer in the rare-earth nickelates as a possible mechanism for the metal-insulator transition
> Published 10 March 2014
Johnston, S; Mukherjee, A; Elfimov, I; Berciu M; and GA Sawatzky
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112: 106404 (2014)

Revealing orbital and magnetic phase transitions in Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3 epitaxial thin films by resonant soft x-ray scattering
> Published 5 March 2014
Wadati, H; Geck, J; Schierle, E; Sutarto, R; He, F; Hawthorn, DG; Nakamura, M; Kawasaki, M; Tokura, Y; Sawatzky, GA
New J. Phys. 16: 033006 (2014)

Photoelectron Spin-Polarization Control in the Topological Insulator Bi2Se3
> Published 20 February 2014
Zhu, ZH; Veenstra, CN; Zhdanovich, S; Schneider, MP; Okuda, T ; Miyamoto, K; Zhu, SY; Namatame, H; Taniguchi, M; Haverkort, MW
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112: 076802 (2014)

Direct measurement of the upper critical field in cuprate superconductors
> Published February 2014
Grissonnanche, G; Cyr-Choiniere, O; Laliberte, F; de Cotret, SR; Juneau-Fecteau, A; Dufour-Beausejour, S ; Delage, ME; LeBoeuf, D; Chang, J; Ramshaw, BJ; Bonn, DA; Hardy, WN; Liang, R; Adachi, S; Hussey, NE; Vignolle, B; Proust, C; Sutherland, M; Kramer, S; Park, JH; Graf, D; Doiron-Leyraud, N; Taillefer, L
Nat. Commun. 5 (2014) 3280

Charge Order Driven by Fermi-Arc Instability in Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuO6+delta
> Published 24 January 2014
Comin, R; Frano, A; Yee, MM; Yoshida, Y; Eisaki, H; Schierle, E; Weschke, E; Sutarto, R; He, F; Soumyanarayanan, A; He, Y; Le Tacon, M; Elfimov, IS; Hoffman, JE; Sawatzky, GA; Keimer, B; Damascelli, A
Science 343: DOI: 10.1126/science.1242996 (2014)

Conducting fixed points for inhomogeneous quantum wires: A conformally invariant boundary theory
> Published 24 January 2014
Sedlmayr, N; Morath, D; Sirker, J; Eggert, S; Affleck, I
Phys Rev. B. 89: 045133 (2014)

Single-polaron properties for double-well electron-phonon coupling
> Published 16 January 2014
Adolphs, CPJ and Berciu, M
Phys Rev. B. 89: 035122 (2014)

High precision measurement of the Li-11 and Li-9 quadrupole moment ratio using zero-field beta-NQR
> Published 16 January 2014
Voss, A; Pearson, MR; Buchinger, F; Crawford, JE; Kiefl, RF; Levy, CDP; MacFarlane, WA; Mane, E; Morris, GD; Shelbaya, OTJ ; Song, Q; Wang, D
J. Phys. G. Nucl. Partic. 41: 015104 (2014)


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