The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute Award

This award is open to undergraduate students of any nationality with legal status to work in Canada, and offers students the opportunity to work with researchers at SBQMI in the exciting area of quantum materials. This includes gaining small scale control of atomic materials and their physical properties, identifying, developing and understanding new materials, and exploring their limits and opportunities for applications in areas such as information processing and energy conversion and storage.  SBQMI is a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment with researchers tackling problems by theoretical modelling, experimentation, characterization and device development.

Summer stipends are equivalent to NSERC levels with $4500 of this amount subsidized by SBQMI through the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. To apply for this exciting program follow the steps below.

  • Visit the SBQMI Faculty page here to identify the Principal Investigators whose work is of most interest to you;
  • Write each of them a brief letter explaining which aspects of their research are of interest and what you have to offer in this area;
  • Submit a formal application through UBC’s USRA program at



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