Affleck, Ian



Condensed Matter / Theory

Office Location

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Hennings 406
6224 Agricultural Rd., Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Phone: (604) 822-2137


Bachelors Degree Trent Physics & Mathematics (1975)
Masters Degree Harvard Physics (1976)
Doctoral Degree Harvard Physics (1979)

Employment History

1979 – 1981 Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows

1981 – 1987 Assistant Professor, Princeton University

1984 – 1985 Chercheur, Centre d'Etudes Scientifiques de Salcay

1987 – 2003 Professor, University of British Columbia

1999 – 2000 Researcher, Institute fro Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara

2001 – 2003 Professor, Boston University

2003 – Present Killam University Professor, University of British Columbia

Awards & Honours

1975Governor General’s Medal

1983 – 1987Sloan Foundation Fellow

1987 – 2001Canadian Institute for Advanced Research: Fellow

2001 – 2008Canadian Institute for Advanced Research: Associate

2008 – PresentCanadian Institute for Advanced Research: Fellow

1988National Research Council Steacie Prize

1990Canadian Association of Physicists Herzberg Medal

1991Royal Society of Canada Rutherford Medal in Physics

1991 – PresentFellow of Royal Society of Canada/Canadian Academy of Sciences

1992UBC Senior Killam Research Prize

1997Can. Assoc. of Physicists/Centre de Recherche Mathematique Prize for Math/Theor. Physics

1998B.C. Science Council New Frontiers in Research Award

1998Honourary Doctor of Laws degree Trent University

2003Fellow, American Physical Society

2006Can. Assoc. of Physicists Medal for Achievement in Physics

2010Fellow of Royal Society (London)

2012Lars Onsager Prize, American Physical Society

2014Brockhouse Medal, Canadian Association of Physicists

2016Foreign Associate, French Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

Research Interests

My research interests include low dimensional magnetism, quantum wires, quantum dots, Majorana fermions and graphene. I began my research career in high energy theory and often apply techniques from this field to condensed matter problems. For instance, I showed how conformal field theory, one of the building blocks of string theory, can be applied to experimentally relevant problems involving low dimensional magnetism and impurities in metals.

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