Rottler, Joerg



Condensed Matter / Theory

Office Location

Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute
Brimacombe 261-A
2355 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Phone: (604) 822-3510


Bachelors Degree Universitaet Konstanz, Germany (1995)
Masters Degree Universitaet Konstanz, Germany (1999)
Doctoral Degree Johns Hopkins University (2003)

Employment History

2003 Visiting Researcher, ESPCI, Paris, France

2003 – 2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University

2005 – 2010 Assistant Professor, UBC

2010 – 2016 Associate Professor, UBC

Awards & Honours

2003Nicholas Metropolis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Work in Computational Physics

2013UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellowship

Research Interests

Our research interests focus on the structural and mechanical properties of materials. We use a broad range of computational techniques ranging from ab-initio (DFT) methods, particle based molecular dynamics/Monte Carlo, to dynamical density fields and phenomenological models to understand matter in and out of equilibrium. Research highlights in the 2015/16 academic year include the development of a multiscale QM/MM method to compute the interaction of solutes with grain boundaries, studies of plastic deformation of nanostructured triblock copolymers, and a new understanding of the role of inertia in the plastic flow of amorphous solids.

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2355 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4, Canada
Tel: 604.822.3909
Fax: 604.822.4750