Jones, David


Affiliate Associate Professor

Ultrafast Optics / Spectroscopy

Office Location

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Brimacombe 274
2355 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Lab Location

Brimacombe 045
2355 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Phone: (604) 822-2754


Bachelors Degrees Swarthmore College (1993)
Masters Degree University of Cambridge (1994)
Doctoral Degree Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1999)

Employment History

1994 - 1998 Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1998 - 2000 Research Associate, NIST Boulder Labs NRC

2000 - 2001 Senior Optical Engineer, Photonex Corp.

2001 - 2003 Research Associate, University of Colorado at Boulder

2004 - 2010 Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

2010 - Present Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Awards & Honours

1992 - 1993Barry Goldwater Fellowship Undergraduate Scholarship

1993 - 1994Winston Churchill Fellowship, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

1998 - 2000NRC Research Associateship, NIST Boulder Labs

2000JILA Scientific Achievement Award, Research Award JILA, University of Colorado and NIST

2012Killam Research Fellowship, University of British Columbia

Committees & Service

2013 - Present Graduate Admissions Committee, Department of Physics and Astronomy UBC

2014 - Present Adjudication Committee for NSERC CGSM/Affiliated Competition, UBC

2015 - Present Fellowship and Award Committee, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute UBC

2016 - Present Facilities Committee, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute UBC

Research Interests

We pursue development of new laser sources/technology, –some based in part on femtosecond frequency combs– and then employ of them in innovative and new spectroscopic studies on condensed matter systems. We have demonstrated a high repetition rate (>50 MHz) femtosecond source with photon energies reaching 40 eV and energy resolutions of 25 meV suitable for time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Current laser work is focussed on scaling to lower repetition rates (1-10 MHz) and expanding spectral coverage of a synchronized pump source to the mid infrared.

Working with Andrea Damascelli’s group, we are employing our XUV frequency comb source and accompanying laser-based ultrafast sources for time-resolved, angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (tr-ARPES) of condensed matter systems exhibiting correlated electron behavoir and other quantum effects. At present, the choices for high photon energy sources for lab-based studies of ARPES and tr-APRES are non-ideal: XUV lamps with their fixed photon energies or laser-based sources with low (< 6 eV) photon energies. Through development and optimization of our XUV frequency comb source ultrafast source we have fulfilled a hitherto missing lab-based tool enabling us to study the time dynamics of electronic excitations of solids over a portion of momentum space larger than the first Brillouin zone. More specifically, the additional capability from the ultrafast time resolution will allow disentangling the elementary excitations responsible for strongly-correlated electron behavior using a source located within our laboratories.

In a second thrust and in collaboration with Prof. Sarah Burke’s laboratory we have very recently begun a research effort on improving the charge transfer (and hence efficiency) of organic photovoltaics (PV) by studying the coupled spatial-temporal dynamics of PV interfaces at the molecular level. Employing scanning probe microscopy (SPM) in tandem with time-resolved, angle-resolve photoemission spectroscopy (tr-ARPES) we seek to optimize PV’s conversion efficiencies by tracking (at the nanoscale) electronic and vibrational coupling in metal organic PV molecules and maximizing charge transfer at surface interfaces. Through these efforts we seek to record (simultaneously in both in the spatial and temporal domains) reaction pathways and associated quantum coherences through vibrational and electronic states following photoexcitation with goals of uncovering the mechanisms (and thus improving) energy transport in PVs.

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2355 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4, Canada
Tel: 604.822.3909
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