Chaos 2020 Workshop

We regret to inform you that the worshop "Chaos Dynamics and Thermalization in Interacting Quantum Systems" planned for May 7-9, 2020 in Vancouver has been *canceled* due to the threat posed by the global pandemic. We are hoping to possibly run a similar event at a future date once the situation is back to normal, please stay tuned.

Workshop: Chaos Dynamics and Thermalization in Interacting Quantum Systems

May 7-9, 2020
UBC Vancouver Campus 
Organized by Ehud Altman (UC Berkeley) and Marcel Franz (UBC)

Goals of the workshop

This workshop will focus on quantum many-body dynamical phenomena that are ubiquitous in nature, yet not very well understood. This includes the suite phenomena that lead to thermalization in isolated quantum systems, quantum chaotic behaviour and non-equilibrium dynamics in driven systems. Great strides have been made recently in answering some of the key questions in the field, including the seminal problem of how and when quantum systems thermalize, what is the role of chaos and integrability and when does thermalization fail. The workshop will bring these new developments into focus and allow the wider community to participate and benefit from these discussions.


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Invited speakers (in alphabetical order)

1. Dima Abanin (Geneva) 
2. Alex Altland (Cologne)
3. Xiangyu Cao (Berkeley)
4. Soonwon Choi (Berkeley)
5. Manuel Endres (Caltech)
6. Victor Galitski (Maryland)
7. Markus Greiner* (Harvard)
8. Yingfei Gu (Harvard)
9. Timothy Hsieh (Perimeter)
10. Anna Keselman (KITP) 
11. Vedika Khemani (Stanford) 
12. Israel Klich (Virginia)
13. Zala Lenarcic (Berkeley) 
14. Mikhail Lukin (Harvard) 
15. Chris Monroe* (Maryland) 
16. Joel Moore (Berkeley) 
17. Adam Nahum (Oxford)
18. Aavishkar Patel (Berkeley) 
19. Frank Pollmann (Munich) 
20. Xiaoliang Qi (Stanford)
21. Monika Schleier-Smith (Stanford)
22. Shivaji Sondhi (Princeton) 
23. Mark Srednicki (Santa Barbara) 
24. Romain Vasseur (Amherst) 
25. Cenke Xu (Santa Barbara) 
26. Yi-Zhuang You (San Diego)

The asterisks (*) indicate participants to be confirmed.

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