CM Seminar - Current Transport Properties and Phase Diagram of a Kitaev Chain with Long-Range Pairing

29 Oct2019

Speaker: Domenico Giuliano

Time: October 29, 2019 :: 2:00PM - 3:00PM


Brimacombe 311

Abstract: We describe a method to probe the quantum phase transition between the short-range and the long-range topological phase in the superconducting Kitaev chain with long-range pairing. We show that, when the leads are biased at a voltage V, the Fano factor is either zero or 2e. As a result, we find that the Fano factor works as a directly measurable quantity to probe the quantum phase transition between the two phases, also showing a remarkable "critical fractionalization effect". Finally, we note that a dual implementation of our proposed device makes it suitable as a generator of large-distance entangled two-particle states

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