Scattering Methods for the Analysis of the Structure of Matter

17 Sep2012

Speaker: Multiple Speakers

Time: September 17 - 20, 2012


September 17 -20, 2012, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

The practical use of scattering methods has rapidly progressed since the basic experiments and research of Konrad Röntgen, Max von Laue, and a large number of other great scientists. A better understanding of the structure of matter has been strongly linked to the technical development of new scattering methods over the last century. The improvement of these techniques has led to new developments in all fields of science. The aim of the workshop was to leave PhD students with a state-of-the-art overview in both the theory and experiments in scattering techniques. Starting with an elementary introduction, internal and external lecturers highlighted recent developments in this emerging field of science. The workshop was intended for PhD students in Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science.

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