QuEST Funding

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Support & Tuition

Students awarded competitive QuEST funding will receive support comparable to, or above, major scholarships and awards such as NSERC and the UBC 4YF. Apply for QuEST funding here.

All QuEST award students receive a $3,000 award subsidizing travel to present their work at an international conference. First-year students may use this award to attend a conference but do not have to present.

SBQMI encourages QuEST scholarship recipients to also apply for other prestigious awards as the honours will contribute to the strength of their academic achievements. Please note that, if successful in these applications, total QuEST funding granted will be reduced by the amount of those other awards.

Students who are not awarded NSERC or UBC 4YF are strongly encouraged to apply for other competitive funding. Please visit your chosen department's website for a list of possible awards:

Funding Chart
 FUNDING  QuEST MSc Award  QuEST PhD Award
Teaching Assistant  Optional  Optional
Research Assistant  Not Available  Not Available
Competitive Funding  $20,000  $24,000
Top-up  $6,000  $6,000
Total Funding  $26,000  $30,000
Tution Fees

MSc/MASc Tuition Fees 

PhD Tuition Fees

Student Fees

MSc/MASc Student Fees

PhD Student Fees

Net Funding

Total Funding minus Tuition minus Student Fees

Total Funding minus Tuition minus Student Fees


  • Tuition and student fees are subject to change.
  • Students may apply for a GSI tuition award through their department.
  • Teaching assistantships (TAs) may be available for QuEST students who are interested in gaining teaching experience. TAs are available depending on demand from the departments and agreement of the supervisors.