QuEST Supervision

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Becoming a QuEST student at SBQMI brings you into an environment where your research interests can flourish through collaboration and mentorship. One of the most important relationships you will develop is with your faculty supervisor. 

All of SBQMI's Principal Investigators are eligible to supervise QuEST award and non-award students. If you are an incoming PhD student, you are expected to have a prospective supervisor matched prior to arriving at UBC (required by PhAs, Chemistry, ECE and CHBE). MSc students are not required to have a confirmed supervisor prior to arrival, but are strongly encouraged to initiate contact with potential supervisors in their area of research.

Prospective students should first browse our Principal Investigators' profiles to search for potential supervisors. Then, begin a dialogue with faculty members of interest to you, keeping in mind that they will want to determine if your research interests will be a good fit for their research group. Once mutual interest has been established, please proceed to complete and submit the QuEST application.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue co-supervision arrangements where greater breadth of expertise and complimentary approaches will benefit your proposed research project. External PhD supervisory committee members from collaborating partners may be considered in cases when a student will spend significant time working in collaboration with the external partner.

Please note: students who are awarded a QuEST fellowship and later choose a supervisor not affiliated with SBQMI will have to forfeit their QuEST support.