2019 CIFAR Quantum Materials Summer School

The 2019 CIFAR Quantum Materials Summer School was held on UBC's Vancouver campus from April 8-10, 2019. What follows is the program information previously housed on a unique website.

About the Summer School (archive content):

  • Who should attend
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  • Poster Session
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  • Student Organizing Comittee

Who should attend

The school is intended for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and will cover a range of topics surrounding the theme of two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures. The school will consist of lectures given by experts focussing on different aspects of 2D materials, a poster session and social events both on campus and in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Following the Summer School, the main CIFAR Quantum Materials Program Meeting will be held in downtown Vancouver on April 11 - April 13, 2019 at the Pan Pacific Hotel.


Registration is required for the 2019 Max Planck-UBC-U Tokyo-CIFAR Summer School.

Registration is currently only open for students and postdocs of the Max Planck-UBC-U Tokyo Centre for Quantum Materials, those of the CIFAR Quantum Materials Program members, and invited EPIQ investigators. There is a maximum capacity of 100 attendees: therefore, in the initial round of applications, each CIFAR Quantum Materials Program member, MP-UBC-UT member, and EPIQ investigator can nominate one student/postdoc to attend. If there is remaining capacity after the initial round, additional students may be considered.


For out of town students and post docs, the summer school accommodations are generously provided by CIFAR at the Pan Pacific Hotel, 300 - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B5.

The summer school will be held at Sage building on the University of British Columbia Campus, 6331 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1.

Shuttles will be provided twice a day from the hotel to the school and back.

Registration Fees

The Summer School is free to all participants, but registration is mandatory.

After the summer school, eligible travel and meal expenses will be reimbursed.


  • For students affiliated with only the Max Planck-UBC-UTokyo Center for Quantum Materials, reimbursement will be split between CIFAR and SBQMI.
  • Flights will be handled through your home institution.
  • Local costs, such as local transit, food, etc, will be handled through SBQMI.
  • For students affiliated with a CIFAR Quantum Materials Program member, reimbursement will be handled through CIFAR.


  • For speakers affiliated with a CIFAR Quantum Materials Program, reimbursement will be handled through CIFAR.
  • For speakers not affiliated with CIFAR Quantum Materials Program, reimbursement will be handled through SBQMI.
  • The CIFAR expense claim form and travel policy can be found here, please send all claims to grace.wong@cifar.ca.
  • The SBQMI expense claim form can be found here, please send all expense claims to mng@qmi.ubc.ca.


Participants are expected to arrive at the Summer School on Sunday April 7, 2019. The summer school starts the next morning. Students who are only attending the Summer School are expected to depart on the evening of Monday April 8th. Students who are staying to attend the main meeting are expected to depart on the evening of Saturday April 13th. If you have alternate arrival and departure times, please be sure to indicate this on registration.

Poster Session


A formal poster session will be held after the lectures on Tuesday April 9th, 2019. Please submit your poster title and abstract in the registration form.


In addition to the formal poster session, we will allow students to put up their posters in the lecture area, so as to encourage informal discussions with the speaker and other students during free time. 

  • Day 1: with Elaine Li (Optics) and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (Devices)
  • Day 2: with Yoshihiro Iwasa (Devices) and Oskar Vafek (Theory)
  • Day 3: with Eli Rotenberg (ARPES) and Adina Luican-Mayer (STM)


Eli Rotenberg

Director of LBNL’s Microscopic and Electronic Structure Observatory (MAESTRO), a dedicated ARPES beamline, Dr. Rotenberg’s research interests are the relationship between electronic structure and morphology, symmetry, and dimensionality, and the impact of many-body interactions on the ground states of low dimensional materials such as graphene, metal and oxide surfaces.

Adina Luican-Mayer

Our laboratory integrates scanning probe microscopy and fabrication of custom materials and nanodevices. We aim to advance knowledge of physical phenomena that emerge as a result of low dimensionality, presence of surfaces and interfaces, and proximity between different states of matter.

Elaine Li

Studies of light-matter interaction in quantum confined systems have provided great insight into diverse and fundamental problems such as many-body interactions and quantum entanglement. We use and develop a variety of optical spectroscopy tools such as correlated single photon counting, Brillouin light scattering, and multidimensional ultrafast spectroscopy to probe electron dynamics in nanostructures.

Yoshihiro Iwasa

Prof. Iwasa has been working on 2D superconductivity induced by ionic gating, and is currently interested in the symmetry control and related physical properties of 2D and related materials, which includes electronic phase
transitions, valleytronics, nonlinear transport properties, and optoelectronic properties.

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero

The Jarillo-Herrero group is currently focused on quantum transport and quantum optoelectronic measurements in low dimensional materials and their combined hybrids, with special emphasis on investigating their superconducting, magnetic, and topological properties.

Oskar Vafek

My research interests lie in the area of quantum condensed matter physics, primarily superconductivity and strongly correlated systems.

Student Organizing Comittee

Our student organizing committee is here to help with any inquiries. Send us an email!

Stepan Fomichev
University of British Columbia

Marie-eve boulanger
Universite de Sherbrooke

MengXing (Ketty) Na
University of British Columbia