QMI Welcomes President Gonokami and University of Tokyo Delegates

17 Aug2019

On Saturday, August 17, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (QMI) hosted the cross-institutional workshop, Quantum Materials from Frequency to Time Domain, organized by Sergey Zhdanovich and Ryo Shimano from University of Tokyo (UTokyo), with the support of Kassandra Darbel. QMI welcomed the UTokyo delegates, including President Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami, Satoru Nakatsuji, Yusuke Morita, and Ryo Shimano.

President Gonokami opened the event with remarks addressing the “new role of universities,” particularly in support of social issues such as sustainability and social justice. His presentation included a focus on the need for greater inclusivity, and President Gonokami identified studies in the humanities as an important resource for establishing and sharing a common future vision in which the “actions of individuals” are linked to the “source of socio-economic values.”

A physicist specializing in optical science, solid state physics, quantum electronics and laser spectroscopy, President Gonokami then provided an introduction to some research priorities in his lab at the University of Tokyo’s Hongo campus.

The Gonokami-Yumoto-Ideguchi group studies light-matter interactions, and often employs the use of time-resolved ARPES techniques which is also used by a number of QMI groups.  

Sergey Zhdanovich and Ketty Na presented results from recent experiments in time-resolved ARPES. David Jones spoke about the current QMI effort in frequency comb technology for time-resolved ARPES applications, and highlighted synergistic activities with the University of Tokyo. The event finished with a tour of facilities at QMI.

President Gonokami  onsite at UBC Moore centre for ultrafast spectroscopy facilities.

The University of Tokyo has been a partner of the MP-UBC-UTokyo Centre for Quantum Materials since 2017 and the August workshop extends the possibility of closer collaborations in the near-term future. Previously, the two universities have collaborated to host a winter school at the Tokyo main campus, a summer school here at UBC, as well as student exchanges coordinated through the UBC Science Coop-Japan program. This fall term, QMI will shortly welcome an exchange student from the University of Tokyo.

Full abstracts of papers presented at the conference can be read here.

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