Nanofabrication Initiative receives funding from WD Canada

15 Sep2019


Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD Canada) announced on September 4, the allocation of $2,950,000 to an initiative currently in development at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute. This federal funding will be used to help defray the cost of implementing Phase 2 of the Nanofabrication Initiative, an infrastructure project that includes facility upgrades and the purchase of specialized equipment that together, with the recent acquisition of industry-standard tools such as an 8” wafer-capable, electron beam lithography (EBL) tool, will help create the first nanofabrication facility of its kind in Canada.

Phase 1 of this initiative was recently completed with cleanroom upgrades to higher ISO levels. Whereas the previous level was enough to support photolithography work, recent upgrades have increased the cleanliness levels by a factor of 10. The cleanroom will be outfitted and made available to academic and industry users by the end of 2019.

Phase 2 completes this series of upgrades and acquisitions. By retrofitting the existing space and adding a focused ion beam (FIB) system to the current suite of nanofabrication tools, SBQMI will be able offer a more streamlined production process for researchers (from both industry and academia) who are designing nanostructures (optical circuits, for instance) on semi-conductive substrates (wafers) requiring a high degree of reliability and accuracy in the etching process.

Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute is deeply appreciative of this funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada, which will allow for the completion of a state-of-the-art facility that is much needed to support the development of a national industry around quantum materials-based technology.

“We are profoundly grateful for the support from Western Economic Diversification Canada. The funding represents a key investment enabling the creation of advanced and comprehensive manufacturing processes for quantum materials-based devices, and advancing the vision for establishing an ecosystem in Western Canada focused on quantum materials discovery, design, and fabrication.”

— Andrea Damascelli,
Scientific Director, QMI