SBQMI Researchers Invent New Method to Create Self-tinting Windows

08 Mar2018

SBQMI and UBC chemistry researchers have developed a simple, cost-effective technique for making smart windows that could lead the way for wide-scale adoption of this energy-saving technology.

Smart windows conserve building energy by switching from clear to tinted, dynamically controlling heat and light from the sun, depending on the building and occupants’ needs.

“Conventional windows waste a third...

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Casimir Kuzyk’s ‘aweSEM Device’ In Finals of Innovation OnBoard Contest

24 Jan2018

Kudos to Casimir Kuzyk , SBQMI student, on making the finals of the UBC Innovation onBoardpitching competition ! The finals will be held on February 8th, 2018, 6PM at the Jack Poole Hall, Robert Lee Alumni Centre. He will be presenting his inexpensive scanning electron microscope project, named the ‘aweSEM device’. He is pursuing a patent for his discovery,...

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New faculty member Dr. Ziliang Ye has joined us from Stanford University

21 Dec2017

Welcome Dr. Ziliang Ye to SBQMI!

Ziliangs’ research focuses on probing & controlling emergent degrees of freedom in low-dimensional quantum materials and on atomically thin materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenide and graphene. Techniques include continuous & ultrafast optical spectroscopy, scanning nearfield optical microscopy, and nanofabrication of photonic devices to study fundamental science down to the atomic...

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53rd Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference

08 Nov2017

Research associate James Day and graduate student Ketty Na visited Ottawa, Ontario to attend the 53rd Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference , the largest undergraduate physics conference in Canada.

Carleton University hosted this year’s CUPC, from October 20th to 24th, for Canada’s 150th anniversary and Carleton’s 75th anniversary. James and Ketty were there to represent—and recruit for—the Stewart...

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SBQMI Physicists Receive Over $6 Million from CFI for Research

13 Oct2017

SBQMI physics investigators George Sawatzky and Sarah Burke will receive funding to develop a quantum materials electron microscopy centre and a four-probe scanning probe microscope, respectively.

The new equipment will enable the researchers to probe the mysteries of quantum materials, which have the potential to transform information processing, nanoelectronics, medicine, and energy production. Both projects, worth a...

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Sarah Burke Awarded $800,000 In Research Funding

07 Sep2017

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Sarah Burke for being awarded $800,000 from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) through the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) .

The JELF helps a select number of exceptional researchers at institutions across the country to conduct leading-edge research by giving them the tools and equipment they need to...

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Verna J Kirkness Scholars Hosted by SBQMI

26 May2017

During the week of May 15-19, 2017 Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute hosted the participants of Verna J. Kirkness Engineering and Science Program . Three students from Rorketon, Manitoba — Madison Mazier, Brigitte Swampy, Kaleb Geisen — and Alanna Eastman from Alberta had the opportunity to work with Ph.D. students Marta Zonno and Pascal Nigge from the laboratories...

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2017 Canadian Physics Olympiad Students Visit SBQMI

24 May2017

On Tuesday, May 24, 2017, the students participating in the national finals of the Canadian Physics Olympiad at UBC were invited to visit the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute and, accompanied by Dr. Andrzej Kotlicki, participated in a tour of the new facilities. Led by Research Associates James Day and Georgio Levy, the group visited the Scanning Tunneling...

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International Partnership Advances Quantum Materials Research & Innovation

25 Apr2017

The University of Tokyo has formally joined the SBQMI, UBC and the Max Planck Society in an international partnership designed to advance quantum materials research and innovation.

The new partnership will create the Max Planck – UBC – UTokyo Centre for Quantum Materials, an expansion of the original Max Planck-UBC Centre for Quantum Materials , established in...

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