What We Do

Our research unravels and exploits the complex quantum phenomena that emerge in novel engineered materials. We do this by:

Synthesizing high-quality materials and fabricating nanoscale test devices

We continuously and quickly iterate and evolve designs for high-purity crystals, heterostructures deposited with atomic-level precision, quantum electronic devices, supramolecular structures, and photonic integrated circuits. SBQMI has historically relied on external collaborations to supplement its capabilities in this area; we are broadening and strengthening these capabilities internally over the next five years.

Developing world-leading bespoke equipment and characterization techniques

To date, our scientific team has designed two beamlines at the Canadian Light Source and another for beta-NMR at TRIUMF.  We have developed low-temperature, high-magnetic field four-point scanning probe techniques; an ultrafast UV laser source for angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy; nanophotonic structure fabrication and more. Collaborative access to these tools is routinely shared amongst SBQMI research groups to an extent that is unprecedented for such highly-specialized instrumentation, creating a unique opportunity for scientific discovery.

Integrating theoretical and computational approaches tightly within experimental projects

Our scientific team includes theorists, experimentalists, and device fabrication experts working together to suggest new research directions, interpret experimental results, guide the selection and design of new materials, and suggest new applications for our discoveries. Our unusually close-knit and productive working relationships greatly accelerate progress by naturally aligning and mutually broadening, research interests.  

Fostering a unique culture of extreme proclivity to collaborate

By sharing materials, infrastructure, students, staff, and recognition we best leverage resources and capitalize on the flexibility and vitality of independent investigators. While all institutes claim a high degree of collaboration, at SBQMI it is deeply ingrained in the culture because it first arose naturally among the original group of faculty members that later founded the Institute.

Promoting translation of fundamental research results into technology demonstrations and intellectual property

SBQMI's ability to tap the vast potential of quantum materials will spark new industries and accelerate the adoption of applied research results by Canadian companies. We are actively expanding our industrial outreach and leveraging expertise in commercial applications to guide research directions.