The Operations Team at Blusson QMI supports a wide range of specialized facilities and equipment, and collaborates with industry, government, and academic partners in the research and development of quantum and quantum-inspired materials research.

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Silicon photonic chip

The Quantum Colaboratory (Quantum Colab)

The Quantum Colab network links the University of Waterloo, Université de Sherbrooke, and the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at The University of British Columbia. Working together, we are enabling academic, non-profit and industry users to access and benefit from our highly specialized capabilities, empowering our partners to engage in world-class research and technology development.

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National Quantum Strategy


We conduct world-class research in our world-class facilities. We have 4,400 square metres of lab space, and are currently installing new capabilities to expand our total lab space to over 6,000 square metres. Our research facilities include design and fabrication shops as well as space for large scale experiments including casting of metals and alloys, preparation of ceramics, plasma spray oxide coatings, fluidization, and a steel run out mill. Our facilities support our interdisciplinary research teams and their academic and industry partners. For more information, about technical operations and facilities at Blusson QMI, email Pinder Dosanjh, Operations Manager, at

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