SBQMI Family & Friends: The spooky dual nature of light

Virtual event

The wave-particle duality of light (or other quantum objects), where the photon (quanta of light) must be seen as in the form of wave as well as particle, has been generally accepted not one century ago. This quantum mechanical concept is already strange enough to us because there is no analogy of it in our daily classical world. Over time physicists have designed experiments to explore the quantum-ness of light further and have discovered more and more counter-intuitive spooky actions of light. In this presentation, PhD student Xiruo Yan will introduce some of the “mind boggling” results of the quantum optical experiments and how we can make use of them.

Special Seminar: Thin film lithium niobate photonic platform

BRIM 311 2355 East Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Speaker: Marko Loncar, Harvard University Abstract: I will present thin film lithium niobate photonic platform, featuring strong light confinement and dense integration, that has the potential to revolutionize optical communications, microwave and quantum photonics. Electro-optic modulators, frequency combs, photon pair sources, and their integration with lasers and detectors, will be discussed.