Why apply to QuEST?

Entrance to QuEST is highly competitive, ensuring a talented peer group for participants. Successful applicants have access to funding to support their participation in the program, travel subsidies to present research at international conferences, and funding for research exchanges abroad as well as for internships and collaborations with Blusson QMI industry partners.

QuEST Program Advantages

Students in the QuEST program will:

  • Gain a strong foundation of scientific knowledge
  • Build a broad technical base
  • Become skilled at devising innovative solutions to complex quantum materials problems
  • Develop both breadth and depth in your research field through interdisciplinary co-supervision
  • Thrive in an open and highly collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment
  • Access innovative courses developed specifically to target areas of expertise related to quantum materials research
  • Learn from professional development programs and networking

Choosing your supervisor

Participating in the QuEST program at Blusson QMI brings you into an environment where your research interests can flourish through collaboration and mentorship. One of the most important relationships you will develop is with your faculty supervisor.

All of Blusson QMI’s Principal Investigators are eligible to supervise QuEST students. If you are an incoming Ph.D. student, you are expected to have a prospective supervisor prior to arriving at UBC; this is a requirement for many departments, including Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chemical & Biological Engineering.

Master’s students are not required to have a confirmed supervisor prior to arrival but are strongly encouraged to initiate contact with potential supervisors in their area of research.

Finding a supervisor

Prospective students should first browse our Principal Investigators page to search for potential supervisors. Applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue co-supervision arrangements where a greater breadth of expertise and complementary approaches will benefit your proposed research project. We invite you to connect with faculty members whose work is of interest to you.

External Ph.D. supervisory committee members from collaborating partners (who are not members of Blusson QMI) may be considered in cases when a student will spend significant time working in collaboration with the external partner.

Please note: students who are awarded a QuEST fellowship and later choose a supervisor not affiliated with Blusson QMI will have to forfeit their QuEST support.

Application deadline

This program is no longer accepting applications through Blusson QMI. To be considered, please reach out to your supervisor directly.

Application process and funding information

Who can apply?

Canadian or international current or incoming students who have been accepted to graduate studies at UBC, and who are pursuing, or planning to pursue, a Master’s degree or Ph.D. with an Blusson QMI-affiliated supervisor or co-supervisor are eligible to apply.

Connect with a Blusson QMI faculty member before you apply

Prospective students should connect with Principal Investigators at Blusson QMI to discuss a supervisory relationship and possible projects.


Students who are currently supervised by Blusson QMI members should meet with their supervisor(s) to discuss how their QuEST research project might fit the objective(s) of Blusson QMI.

Awards and funding

Students who are awarded QuEST funding on a competitive basis will receive support comparable to major scholarships and awards such as an NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship or UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF).


Blusson QMI encourages QuEST scholarship recipients to also apply for other prestigious awards as the honours will contribute to the strength of their academic achievements. Please note that, if successful in these applications, total QuEST funding granted will be reduced by the amount of those other awards.


Students who are not awarded NSERC or UBC 4YF are strongly encouraged to apply for other competitive funding. Please visit your academic department’s website for a list of possible awards:

Teaching AssistantOptionalOptional
Competitive Funding$20,000$24,000
Total Funding$26,000$30,000
Tuition FeesMSc/MASc Tuition FeesPh.D. Tuition Fees
Student FeesMSc/MASc Student FeesPh.D. Tuition Fees
Net FundingTotal Funding minus Tuition minus Student FeesTotal Funding minus Tuition minus Student Fees

Please note that to receive a QuEST award, the applicant must have been accepted by their chosen department of study. Departmental application deadlines vary and may be earlier than the QuEST application deadline. Please check your department’s website for further information on their application requirements and deadlines.