Marcel Franz; SBQMI, UBC Physics & Astronomy

Marcel Franz

Professor, Deputy Scientific Director
Andrea Damascelli Department of Physics and Astronomy

Andrea Damascelli

Professor, Scientific Director
Douglas Bonn; SBQMI, UBC Physics & Astronomy

Douglas Bonn

Sarah Burke Associate Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy

Sarah Burke

Associate Professor

Alannah Hallas

Assistant Professor

Kim Kiloh

Managing Director

Jasmine Chipman Koty

Project Manager, Research & Reporting

As Project Manager, Research & Reporting, Jasmine takes the lead on data management for SBQMI. She facilitates data collection, analysis, and information sharing to support the institute’s reporting and communications. Since joining SBQMI in 2017, Jasmine has worked at the intersection of research and business operations, strengthening collaboration between faculty and administration towards executing the research strategy.

Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from McGill University, a Master’s in Social Science, Human Ecology from Lund University, and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

George Sawatzky Department of Physics and Astronomy; Department of Chemistry

George Sawatzky

Professor Emeritus
Jeff Young Department of Physics and Astronomy

Jeff Young