Andrea Damascelli Department of Physics and Astronomy

Andrea Damascelli

Professor, Scientific Director
Marcel Franz; SBQMI, UBC Physics & Astronomy

Marcel Franz

Professor, Deputy Scientific Director

Paola Baca

Managing Director
Sarah Burke Associate Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy

Sarah Burke

Associate Professor

Alannah Hallas

Associate Professor
Joerg Rottler Department of Physics and Astronomy

Joerg Rottler

Joseph Salfi quantum physicist and electrical engineer, affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at UBC

Joseph Salfi

Assistant Professor
George Sawatzky Department of Physics and Astronomy; Department of Chemistry

George Sawatzky

Professor Emeritus

Tracy Xu

Research Operations Facilitator
Ziliang Ye, Team Lead; SBQMI, UBC Physics & Astronomy

Ziliang Ye

Associate Professor