Alireza Nojeh


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current Projects

  • Heat localization in carbon nanotubes
  • Thermionic energy conversion
  • Compact, low-cost scanning electron microscope

Selected Publications

  • P. Yaghoobi, M.V. Moghaddam, A. Nojeh. “Heat trap”: light-induced localized heating and thermionic electron emission from carbon nanotube arrays. Solid State Communications, volume 151, 1105 (2011)
  • M. Chang, H.D.E. Fan, M.M. Chowdhury, G.A. Sawatzky, A. Nojeh. Heat localization through reduced dimensionality. Physical Review B, volume 98, 155422 (2018)
  • F. Mohammadbeigi, L.A. Whitehead, R. Divigalpitiya, A. Nojeh. Observations of radiation dominated rapid cooling of structures based on carbon nanotubes and graphene. Advanced Engineering Materials, volume 2020, 1901315 (2020)
  • E. Rahman, A. Nojeh. Interplay between near-field radiative coupling and space-charge effects in a microgap thermionic energy converter under fixed heat input. Physical Review Applied, volume 14, 024082 (2020)
  • M.V. Moghaddam, P. Yaghoobi, G.A. Sawatzky, A. Nojeh. Photon-impenetrable, electron-permeable: the carbon nanotube forest as a medium for multi-photon thermal-photoemission. ACS Nano, volume 9, 4064 (2015)