Andrew Potter

Assistant Professor

Physics and Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Qubit-efficient quantum algorithms for materials modeling using quantum tensor networks
  • Engineering tunable testbeds for correlated electron physics in 2d moire materials
  • Statistical mechanics of quantum circuits
  • Gapless topological phases of matter
  • Floquet quantum error correction codes

Selected Publications

  1. P. T. Dumitrescu, J. Bohnet, J. Gaebler, A. Hankin, D. Hayes, A. Kumar, B. Neyenhuis, R. Vasseur, A.C. Potter. Dynamical topological phase realized in a trapped-ion quantum simulator. Nature 607, 463 (2022).
  2. F. Barratt, U Agrawal, AC Potter, S Gopalakrishnan, R Vasseur . Transitions in the learnability of global charges from local measurements. Phys. Rev. Lett. 129 (20), 200602 (2022).
  3. J. Zhang, P. Hess, A. Kyprianidis et al.Observation of a discrete time crystal. Nature 543, 217 (2017).