Curtis Berlinguette


Department of Chemistry

Current Projects

  • Reactive CO2 capture
  • Electrification of the chemicals industry
  • Advanced nuclear fusion
  • Flexible automation and self-driving labs
  • Carbon-neutral building materials

Selected Publications

  • P. Berlinguette, Y.-M. Chiang, J.N. Munday, T. Schenkel, D.K. Fork, R. Koningstein, M.D. Trevithick. Revisiting the Cold Case of Cold Fusion. Nature 570, 45 (2019).
  • Li, E.W. Lees, M. Goldman, D.A. Salvatore, D.M. Weekes, C.P. Berlinguette. Electrolytic Conversion of Bicarbonate into CO in a Flow Cell. Joule 3, 1487 (2019).
  • R.S. Sherbo, R.S. Delima, V.A. Chiykowski, B.P. MacLeod, C.P. Berlinguette. Complete Electron Economy by Pairing Electrolysis with Hydrogenation. Nat. Catal. 1, 501 (2018).