David Jones


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Femtosecond XUV sources for TR-ARPES over the full Brillioun zone with tunable energy/time resolution k-space optical tweezers
  • Flexible VUV femtosecond lasers sources for time-resolved photoemission
  • Spatio-temporal characterization of interfacial charge separation in organic photovoltaics
  • Multi-dimensional spectroscopy for studying coherence in solids
  • Exciton dynamics in 2-D materials

Selected Publications

  • A.K. Mills, S. Zhdanovich, M.X. Na, F. Boschini, E. Razzoli, M. Michiardi, A. Sheyerman, M. Schneider, T.J. Hammond, V. Suess, C. Felser, A. Damascelli, D. J. Jones. Cavity-enhanced high harmonic generation for XUV time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 083001 (2019).
  • M.X. Na, A.K. Mills, F. Boschini, M. Michiardi, B. Nosarzewski, R.P. Day, E. Razzoli, A. Sheyerman, M. Schneider, G. Levy, S. Zhdanovich, T.P. Devereaux, A.F. Kemper, D.J. Jones, A. Damascelli. Direct determination of mode-projected electron-phonon coupling in the time-domain. Science 366, 1231 (2019).
  • A.K. Mills, T.J. Hammond, M.H.C. Lam, D.J. Jones. XUV frequency combs via femtosecond enhancement cavities. J. Phys. B 45, 14 (2012).
  • M. X. Na, F. Boschini, A. K. Mills, M. Michiardi, R. P. Day, B. Zwartsenberg, G. Levy, S. Zhdanovich, A. F. Kemper, D. J. Jones, and A. Damascelli. Phys. Rev. B 102, 184307 (2020)
  • DJ Jones, SA Diddams, JK Ranka, A Stentz, RS Windeler, JL Hall and ST Cundiff. “Carrier-envelope phase control of femtosecond mode-locked lasers and direct optical frequency synthesis”. SCIENCE. 288.5466 (APR 28 2000): 635 – 639.