Joerg Rottler


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Statistical physics of driven amorphous materials
  • Thermodynamics, morphology, mechanics and thermal transport in entropy stabilized polymer blends
  • Nanoscale phononics and thermal transport in carbon nanotubes (collaboration with Nojeh group)
  • Computational exploration of multiple principal component oxides (GC project, collaboration with Hallas group)
  • Amorphous metal oxide coatings with low mechanical loss (GC project, collaboration with Young/Zou groups)

Selected Publications

  1. D. Bruns, A. Nojeh, A. S. Phani, and J. Rottler. Nanotube heat conductors under tensile strain: Reducing the three-phonon scattering strength of acoustic phonons. Phys. Rev. B 104, 075440 (2021)
  2. J. Rottler and M. Müller. Kinetic Pathways of Block Copolymer Directed 2 Self-Assembly: Insights from Efficient Continuum Modeling. ACS Nano 14, 13986 (2020)
  3. A. Nicolas, J.-L. Barrat, J. Rottler. Effect of inertia on the steady state shear rheology of amorphous solids. Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 058303 (2016).