Lukas Chrostowski


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current Projects

  • Tunable photonic crystal for cavity quantum electrodynamics (in collaboration with Jeff Young)
  • Single photon sources (with Jeff Young)
  • Semiconductor laser stabilization using CMOS electronics
  • Silicon photonic biosensors
  • SiEPICfab consortium on-chip prototyping and integration

Selected Publications

  1. Chrostowski, H. Shoman, M. Hammood, H. Yun, J. Jhoja, E. Luan, S. Lin, A. Mistry, D. Witt, N.A.F. Jaeger, S. Shekhar, H. Jayatilleka, P. Jean, B. Simon, J. Cauchon, W. Shi, C. Horvath, J.N. Westwood-Bachman, K. Setzer, M. Aktary, N. Shane Patrick, R.J. Bojko, A. Khavasi, X. Wang, T. Ferreira de Lima, A.N. Tait, P.R. Prucnal, D.E. Hagan, D. Stevanovic, A.P. Knights. Silicon photonic circuit design using rapid prototyping foundry process design kits. IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. 25, 1 (2019).
  2. Chrostowski, M. Hochberg. Silicon photonics design: from devices to systems. Cambridge University Press (2015).
  3. Wang, W. Shi, H. Yun, S. Grist, N.A.F. Jaeger, L. Chrostowski. Narrow-band waveguide Bragg gratings on SOI wafers with CMOS-compatible fabrication process. Opt. Express. 20, 15547 (2012).