Sarah Burke

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry & Department of Physics and Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Energetic landscapes of organic heterojunctions
  • Light-matter interactions in organic semiconductors on a single molecule level using SPM
  • Quasiparticle interference: understanding interactions with defects and mapping electronic properties of novel 2D materials and electronic states
  • Dynamics of charge separation in organic solar cells using time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • Molecular imaging of heterogeneous catalysis in action

Selected Publications

  • P. Nigge, A.C. Qu, É. Lantagne-Hurtubise, E. Mårsell, S. Link, C. Gutiérrez, G. Tom, M. Zonno, M. Michiardi, M. Schneider, S. Zhdanovich, G. Levy, U. Starke, D. Bonn, S.A. Burke, M. Franz, A. Damascelli. Room temperature strain-induced Landau levels in graphene on a wafer-scale platform. Sci. Adv. 5, eaaw5593 (2019).
  • K. A. Cochrane, A. Schiffrin, T. S. Roussy, M. Capsoni, S. A. Burke, Pronounced polarization-induced energy level shifts at boundaries of organic semiconductor nanostructures Nature Communications 6, 8312 (2015)
  • S. Chi, R. Aluru, S. Grothe, A. Kreisel, U.R. Singh, B.M. Andersen, W.N. Hardy, R. Liang, D.A. Bonn, S.A. Burke, and P. Wahl. Imaging the real space structure of the spin fluctuations in an iron-based superconductor. Nat. Commun. 8, 15996 (2017).
  • A. Schiffrin, M. Capsoni, G. Farahi, C.G. Wang, C. Krull, M. Castelli, T. Roussy, K.A. Cochrane, Y. Yin, N.V. Medhekar, M. Fuhrer, A.Q. Shaw, W. Ji, S.A. Burke. Designing Optoelectronic Properties by On-Surface Synthesis: Formation and Electronic Structure of an Iron–Terpyridine Macromolecular Complex. ACS Nano 12, 7 (2018).
  • Shun Chi, S. Grothe, Ruixing Liang, P. Dosanjh, W. N. Hardy, S. A. Burke, D. A. Bonn, Y. Pennec, Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Superconducting LiFeAs Single Crystals: Evidence for Two Nodeless Energy Gaps and Coupling to a Bosonic Mode, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 087002 (2012)