W. Andrew MacFarlane Department of Chemistry

W. Andrew MacFarlane


Department of Chemistry

Current Projects

  • Metallic and magnetic properties of LaNiO3 thin films
  • Spin relaxation in topological insulators
  • Indirect relaxation in magnetic heterostructures
  • Spin relaxation as a probe of Li+ ionic mobility in solids and near interfaces
  • 31Mg, a new beta NMR probe

Selected Publications

  • V.L. Karner, A. Chatzichristos, D.L. Cortie, M.H. Dehn, O. Foyevstov, K. Foyevtsova, D. Fujimoto, R.F. Kiefl, C.D.P. Levy, R.H. Li, R.M.L. McFadden, G.D. Morris, M.R. Pearson, M. Stachura, J.O. Ticknor, G. Cristiani, G. Logvenov, F. Wrobel, B. Keimer, J.J. Zhang, J.F. Mitchell, W.A. MacFarlane. Local metallic and structural properties of the strongly correlated metal LaNiO3 using Li-8 beta-NMR. Phys. Rev. B 100, 165109 (2019).
  • R.M.L. McFadden, A. Chatzichristos, K.H. Chow, D.L. Cortie, M.H. Dehn, D. Fujimoto, M.D. Hossain, H. Ji, V.L. Karner, R.F. Kiefl, C.D.P. Levy, R. Li, I. McKenzie, G.D. Morris, O. Ofer, M.R. Pearson, M. Stachura, R.J. Cava, W.A. MacFarlane. Ionic and electronic properties of the topological insulator Bi2Te2Se investigated via β-detected nuclear magnetic relaxation and resonance of 8Li. Phys. Rev. B 99, 125201 (2019).
  • R.M.L. McFadden, T.J. Buck, A. Chatzichristos, C. Chen, K.H. Chow, D.L. Cortie, M.H. Dehn, V.L. Karner, D. Koumoulis, C.D. Philip Levy, C. Li, I. McKenzie, R. Merkle, G.D. Morris, M.R. Pearson, Z. Salman, D. Samuelis, M. Stachura, J. Xiao, J. Maier, R.F. Kiefl, W.A. MacFarlane. Microscopic Dynamics of Li+ in Rutile TiO2 Revealed by 8Li β-Detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Chem. Mater. 29, 10187 (2017).
  • D. Fujimoto, R.M.L. McFadden, M. Dehn, Y. Petel, A. Chatzichristos, L. Hemmingsen, V.L. Karner, R.F. Kiefl, C.D.P. Levy, I. McKenzie, C.A. Michal, G.D. Morris, M.R. Pearson, D. Szunyogh, J.O. Ticknor, M. Stachura, W.A. MacFarlane. Dynamics of Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Acetate Measured with Implanted-Ion Li-8 beta-NMR. Chem. Mater. 31, 9346 (2019).
  • A. Chatzichristos, R.M.L. McFadden, M.H. Dehn, S.R. Dunsiger, D. Fujimoto, V.L. Karner, I. McKenzie, G.D. Morris, M. R. Pearson, M. Stachura, J. Sugiyama, J.O. Ticknor, W.A. MacFarlane, and R.F. Kiefl, Bi-Arrhenius Diffusion and Surface Trapping of 8Li+ in Rutile TiO2, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 095901 (2019).