Creating The Building Blocks for Future Quantum Technologies

Our research unravels and exploits the complex phenomena that emerge in novel engineered materials. Comprising four main pillars – Atomic-level Design of Novel Quantum Materials, Emergent Electronic Phenomena at Interfaces, Topologically Protected Quantum States, and Photonic Manipulation of Quantum States – our research programs engage theorists and experimentalists across disciplines in ambitious, collaborative projects that capture our imagination and channel our unique expertise.

Grand Challenges

Read more about how we’re working to find solutions to current and future problems for Canadians by establishing our three bold, ambitious ideas that will guide our research priorities and engage our research groups and investigators in collaboration over the coming decade.

Principal Investigators

Our Principal Investigators are affiliated with UBC’s Faculty of Science and Faculty of Applied Science, representing three departments, and collaborating with academic and industry partners in Canada and around the world. Blusson QMI researchers are among the best and most influential in the world.

Who We Are

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) is the first Global Research Excellence (GREx) Institute at the University of British Columbia. Our investigators are collaborative theorists and experimentalists working together across departments and disciplines to identify, classify and explore quantum materials and phenomena, catalyzing the discovery and design of the quantum technologies of the future.

Education and Training

Our graduates and postdoctoral fellows will position Canada for continued leadership in quantum materials research and innovation. Undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to learn from internationally renowned experts and acquire applied, meaningful research experience in order to develop highly sought skills for their future careers.


Our stories offer a glimpse into the research and achievements of our investigators, students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff. Read our latest news and find out how we are working to realize the future of quantum materials and technology.


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