CM Seminar - Hydrodynamic transport in Luttinger semi-metals

12 Sep2019

Speaker: Julia Link, Simon Fraser University

Time: Sep 12 2019 :: 2:00PM - 3:00PM


BRIM 311

Abstract: In the hydrodynamic regime it is possible to investigate the universal collision-dominated dynamics of the isolated electron fluid, while the couplings to the lattice and to impurities becomes secondary. An important transport property is the shear viscosity which describes whether the electron fluid behaves laminar or turbulent. The ratio shear viscosity over entropy is bounded from below and is an indicator for how strongly the system is interacting [Kovtun]. We determine the shear viscosity in Luttinger metals which are semimetals with a quadratic energy band touching point. Especially we focused on the determination of the shear viscosity in the Luttinger-Abrikosov-Beneslavskii phase [Moon]. This phase occurs upon adding the long-range Coulomb interaction to the system and it is an interacting, scale invariant, and non-Fermi-liquid phase. Upon combining the Boltzmann formalism with an RG analysis, we find that the ratio viscosity over entropy comes very close to the lower bound which makes the Luttinger metals a nearly perfect electron fluid.

Biosketch: Julia Link did her Bachelor and Master studies in physics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany from 2007 to 2012. For her doctoral studies, she changed to the Karlsuhe Institute of Technology where she finished her PhD under the supervision of Jörg Schmalian in December 2017. During her PhD she studied the effects of the Coulomb interaction on transport properties of isotropic and anisotropic Dirac systems in the optical and the hydrodynamic regime. Since September 2018 she is a Postdoctoral researcher at SFU in the group of Igor Herbut where she studies the hydrodynamic transport of Luttinger semimetals.

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