Cohosted by UBC’s Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) and Advanced Nanofabrication Facility (ANF), the first event in the 2024 Unboxing Quantum Series took place in February. A recording of the event is now available for viewing below.

Featuring speakers active in both academia and industry, the panel provided an opportunity for users of quantum technologies from across industry and government to gain an insider’s perspective on the research and development partnerships shaping the future of BC and Canada and learn more about the capabilities of UBC’s Advanced Nanofabrication Facility.


**The next event in the 2024 Unboxing Quantum Series will take place in June 2024.**


(Moderator) Kirsty Gardner, Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC Blusson QMI

Pinder Dosanjh, Facilities Director, Quantum Colaboratory (BC node), Blusson QMI

Carlos Gerardo, Director of R&D, Sonus Microsystems

Matthew Mitchell, Photonic Integration Lead, Dream Photonics