Alannah Hallas

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Design and crystal growth of new quantum materials
  • Structural and magnetic properties of high entropy oxides
  • Magnetic frustration in the local to itinerant crossover
  • Multipolar interactions in rare earth magnets
  • Topological semimetals with strong spin-orbit coupling

Selected Publications

  • A.M. Hallas, J. Gaudet, B.D. Gaulin. Experimental insights into ground-state selection of quantum XY pyrochlores. Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 9, 105 (2018).
  • A.M. Hallas, J. Gaudet, N.P. Butch, G. Xu, M. Tachibana, C.R. Wiebe, G.M. Luke, B.D. Gaulin. Phase Competition in the Palmer-Chalker X Y Pyrochlore Er2Pt2O7. Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 187201 (2017).
  • A.M. Hallas, A.Z. Sharma, C. Mauws, Q. Chen, H.D. Zhou, C. Ding, Z. Gong, M. Tachibana, P.M. Sarte, J.P. Attfield, G.M. Luke, and C.R. Wiebe. Coexistence of metallic and nonmetallic properties in the pyrochlore Lu2Rh2O7. npj Quantum Materials 4, 9 (2019).
  • C.L. Huang, A.M. Hallas, K. Grube, S. Kuntz, B. Spiess, K. Bayliff, T. Besara, T. Siegrist, Y. Cai, J. Beare, G.M. Luke, and E. Morosan. Quantum critical point in the itinerant ferromagnet Ni1-xRhx. Physical Review Letters 124, 117203 (2020).
  • A.M. Hallas, C.L. Huang, B.K. Rai, A. Weiland, G.T. McCandless, J.Y. Chan, J. Beare, G.M. Luke, E. Morosan. Complex transport and magnetism in inhomogeneous mixed valence Ce3Ir4Ge13. Phys. Rev. Mater. 3, 114407 (2019).