David Jones


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Current Projects

  • Next Generation Femtosecond XUV sources for TR-ARPES
  • Flexible VUV femtosecond lasers sources for time-resolved photoemission
  • Spatio-temporal characterization of interfacial charge separation in organic photovoltaics
  • Multi-dimensional spectroscopy for studying coherence in solids
  • Exciton dynamics in 2-D materials
  • Frequency combs for mine sensing

Selected Publications

  1. A. K. Mills, S. Zhdanovich, M.X. Na, F. Boschini, E. Razzoli, M. Michiardi, A. Sheyerman, M. Schneider, T.J. Hammond, V. Suess, C. Felser, A. Damascelli, D. J. Jones. Cavity-enhanced high harmonic generation for XUV time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 083001 (2019).
  2. M. X. Na, A.K. Mills, F. Boschini, M. Michiardi, B. Nosarzewski, R.P. Day, E. Razzoli, A. Sheyerman, M. Schneider, G. Levy, S. Zhdanovich, T.P. Devereaux, A.F. Kemper, D.J. Jones, A. Damascelli. Direct determination of mode-projected electron-phonon coupling in the time-domain. Science 366, 1231 (2019).
  3. A. K. Mills, T.J. Hammond, M.H.C. Lam, D.J. Jones. XUV frequency combs via femtosecond enhancement cavities. J. Phys. B  45, 14 (2012)