Mark your calendars for a journey into the microscopic realm of quantum technologies with the inaugural event of the 2024 Unboxing Quantum Series: Navigating the Nanoscale for Novel Applications.

Cohosted by UBC’s Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI) and Advanced Nanofabrication Facility (ANF), the event takes place virtually from 10:00 to 11:00am (PT) on February 14, 2024.

Featuring speakers active in both academia and industry, the panel is an opportunity for users of quantum technologies from across industry and government to gain an insider’s perspective on the research and development partnerships shaping the future of BC and Canada.


(Moderator) Kirsty Gardner, Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC Blusson QMI

Pinder Dosanjh, Facilities Director, Quantum Colaboratory (BC node), Blusson QMI

Carlos Gerardo, Director of R&D, Sonus Microsystems

Matthew Mitchell, Photonic Integration Lead, Dream Photonics

UBC’s ANF is a world-leading device manufacturing facility bringing together partners from across academia, industry and government to reinforce Canada’s position as a leader in developing next-generation quantum devices and quantum technologies.

ANF’s focus on quantum materials has directly resulted in usage by key companies in Canada’s rapidly growing quantum industry. The Facility’s success in attracting key industry users can be attributed to delivering cost-effective access to advanced tools—such as Canada’s only photonic wire bonder—and providing high-level professional expertise for operating them.

Both Sonus Microsystems and Dream Photonics are users of the ANF. Sonus Microsystems has developed high-performance, customizable, and versatile transducers with novel applications in healthcare, non-destructive testing (NDT), wearables, and beyond. These sophisticated devices enable detailed imaging and seamless health tracking and pave the way for automated, AI-enhanced monitoring, facilitating a new level of non-invasive personalized care.

Dream Photonics is a semiconductor IP company focused on providing Silicon Photonics and Electronics IP and assembly solutions. The company offers the industry’s most diverse portfolio of multi-foundry IP building blocks that foundries and end-customers license and integrate into their chip. Dream Photonics supplies the industry’s most prolific assembly solutions, enabling customers to hybrid integrate lasers, optical amplifiers, fibers, and other optical components, from prototyping to high-volume manufacturing.

We encourage you to prepare any questions you may have, as the event will include a Q&A session with our panelists. We look forward to your participation in what promises to be an insightful event.

***Registration is free with limited capacity – secure your spot today!***