Latest Past Events

Quantum Computing: Building Bridges Between Academia, Industry, and Government

In recent years, quantum computing has made continuous progress from improvements in scalability to advancements in error correction codes. This has motivated an increasing focus on exploring use cases and applications. Join us for this year’s second Unboxing Quantum panel, where quantum industry experts and thought leaders will come together to discuss Canada’s rapidly evolving quantum computing landscape. […]

Dawn VII

Neville Scarf 2125 Main Mall, Vancouver

Every 2-3 years, the community of physicists working with ground-based gravitational wave (GW) detectors holds a discussion-based “Dawn” meeting to plan for the future of the field. This year the global ground-based GW community (LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA, Cosmic Explorer, and Einstein Telescope) is coming to us: Blusson QMI is hosting the Dawn VII meeting June […]

Special Seminar: Rachel Wortis – Trent University: Many-body localization in the disordered Fermi-Hubbard model

BRIM 311 2355 East Mall, Vancouver

Title:  Many-body localization in the disordered Fermi-Hubbard model Abstract: How isolated quantum systems reach thermal equilibrium is a long-standing question of continuing interest. The absence of equilibration in some systems is also well known, notably Anderson localization in noninteracting systems with quenched disorder.  However, it has only relatively recently been understood that the absence of […]