Ultrafast Quantum Control of Matter

11 Dec2017

Speaker: Multiple Speakers

Time: December 11-15, 2017


Sage East
6331 Crescent Road
University Centre
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

The goal of this event is to promote real advances in the field of quantum control of matter. In particular, building on the advances in atomic and molecular physics, we will discuss possible new strategies to exploit the light-matter interaction at the quantum level to manipulate the properties of solids and create transient non-equilibrium states with no counterpart at equilibrium. This approach will complement the SBQMI mission, which focuses on the exploitation of equilibrium many-body quantum-mechanical properties. This workshop will constitute the first step to provide SBQMI with the knowledge necessary to develop new experiments to investigate and control the properties of quantum materials driven out of thermodynamic equilibrium by light pulses shorter than the thermalization time of the internal degrees of freedom of the material.

In order to boost the discussion and the interactions among participants, the talks and lectures will be followed by quite long roundtables and discussion/question times in which we will introduce some relevant questions and we will try to get the speakers and the audience involved in an open-minded and unbiased discussion.

View event website:  https://uqcm2017.qmi.ubc.ca/index.html

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