NFRF awards support interdisciplinary Blusson QMI research projects

31 May2021

The Government of Canada announced the recipients of the federal New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) Exploration Stream today. Seven projects led by UBC researchers were awarded a combined total of $1.75m ($250,000 per project); three of these are led or supported by Principal Investigators at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (Blusson QMI). We are pleased to congratulate David...

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Everyone is a project manager, and the PMO is here to help

27 May2021

Pictured: Jasmine Chipman Koty, Project Manager, Research & Reporting. Image credit: Paul Joseph/UBC.

“I joke that it was Andrew MacDonald who made me want to work here,” said Ken Wong, Research Program Manager and newly appointed leader of the Project Management Office (PMO).

MacDonald completed his PhD in quantum materials at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute...

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People of Blusson QMI: Samikshya Sahu

26 May2021

Pictured: Samikshya Sahu. Image credit: Paul Joseph/UBC.

“The most impactful thing in physics is materials science. Every big advance – in aerospace engineering, in computing – it all depends on materials, and the properties of materials influence where science is able to go and what we are able to create,” said Samikshya Sahu, a PhD student in Alannah...

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Berlinguette a partner in ambitious new German–Canadian Materials Acceleration Centre

25 May2021

Pictured: Ada, photographed by Fraser Parlane, PhD Candidate, Berlinguette Group, UBC.

Natural Resources Canada and the National Research Council of Canada announced a partnership with Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany in the formation of the German–Canadian Materials Acceleration Centre (GC-MAC). This new Centre, co-located in both Germany and Canada, will be a joint...

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Alexandra Tully awarded NSERC postdoc scholarship for organic solar cell research

13 May2021

While conventional silicon-based solar cells are well-established as a means of capturing solar energy, researchers believe organic (carbon-based) solar cells may be a cheaper, lighter, and more flexible alternative. However, organic photovoltaics (OPVs) must have a greater charge transfer efficiency to be commercially viable in a market currently dominated by silicon-based solar cells. Alexandra Tully (pictured), a PhD student who...

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Pandemic threatens equity gains

29 Apr2021

Artist credit: Alex Anees.

For many, the past year has intensified the weight of career responsibilities and domestic life, which have become intertwined like never before. For women in science, the impacts have been measurable: a 2020 editorial in Nature on the unequal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists reported that “all else being equal, female scientists...

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The tools for innovation from concept through creation

27 Apr2021

Pictured: Harish Gautam, Machine Shop Supervisor. Image credit: Paul Joseph/UBC.

In the machine shop, Harish Gautam and colleagues work closely with scientists to design and create custom tools to support research on ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic equipment, as well as mechanical components and prototypes for new designs. It’s precise, highly technical work, and Gautam is proud of what...

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National Quantum Strategy Funded in Government of Canada Budget

21 Apr2021

The Government of Canada announced a significant investment to launch a National Quantum Strategy, committing $360 million over seven years and signaling its intention to grow the interconnected Canadian quantum industry into a global leader. Announced on April 19 as part of the 2021 federal budget, this commitment will support research into quantum science and technologies and bolster an emerging...

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Parham Pashaei awarded Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant award

20 Apr2021

Pictured: Parham Pashaei. Image credit: Paul Joseph/UBC.

Quantum computing education has become Parham Pashaei’s niche, and his work toward developing as a teacher and his commitment to improving the learning experience and outcomes for students in Applied Science courses has earned him a Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant award . The award is given each year to just a...

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People of SBQMI: Amy Qu

13 Apr2021

Pictured: Amy Qu in the Laboratory for Atomic Imaging Research at SBQMI. Image credit: Paul Joseph/UBC.

Amy Qu is almost finished her PhD. She will defend her thesis to the Department of Physics and Astronomy this month, and will start a new industry role in Germany in May. Her new job is in a highly specialised role at...

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